Using Trend Micro Mobile Security is an outstanding idea for the security of your device, whether it is an Android smart-phone, or Windows mobile, or iOS. It acts as a performance promoter and provide full protection from all types of malicious programs, along with its 100 nasty application detection utility. A number of other security products of this brand, including Trend Micro Antivirus, Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security, and Trend Micro Maximum Security are also holding a great position in the digital market. If you have installed Trend Micro Security on your iOS but not able to activate or renew it, then dial the toll-free Trend Micro Activation Support Number - 888-502-1607 | 1800-012-720. Contrariwise, you can go through the blog provided below:      


Trend Micro Security Activation

Actually, the Trend Micro offers two kinds of Activation Codes. Before the Activation Code expires, both kinds of code works in a similar manner i.e. allow the users to access all the features of the product & enjoy complete functionality. But when the code expires, the software will start behaving in varying manner according to the type of code the user was using. Let’s read the detailed description of the two.

Types of Trend Micro Antivirus Activation Code   

   1: Evaluation-version Activation Codes

   2: Full-version Activation Codes

Evaluation-Version Activation Code: It license you to inspect each & every feature of your security product along with permitting you to download the latest updates & files at the time of your product’s assessment. This is a code with limited life span and if once expires, do not allow you to reuse it again. While expiring, the Evaluation-version Activation Code of Trend Micro Security can disable the confirmation settings or the rules that were enabled when it was in practice. The good fact is that the expiry of any Activation Code will not put impact on another.     

Full-Version Activation Code: This code allows you to use the security product along with accessing all its functionality, pattern file updates for a set duration of time, which is 1 year in usual cases. At the time this Activation Code expires, it will not allow you to download any engine or file updates. If compared with the Evaluation-version Activation Code, then the expiry of Full-version Activation Code will not disable the previously enabled configuration settings or the rules i.e. these things remain in process even after the latter code expires. And this acts as a good protection manager in case your license expires accidentally without any prior notification.     

Steps of Trend Micro Antivirus Activation

Trend Micro Activation acts as a plus and major point in safeguarding the device on which the software is installed. Just installation of the antivirus can also keep the gadget protected, but not as efficiently as the activation. If you have installed the Trend Micro Security on your PC or Mac, follow the steps given below to activate it:

Step 1: Open the main console of your Trend Micro Security or visit the official website

Step 2: Enter the Trend Micro Activation Code & Click ‘Next’

To find the Activation Code, check the Order Confirmation Email reached to your inbox or the retail box

Step 3: Sign in into the Trend Micro Account, Create a new account in case of not having.  

Step 4: Tap ‘Next’

Step 5: Click on ‘Download the Mobile Security’ icon for downloading and installing the app or go with ‘App Store’ to look for Trend Micro Mobile Security there.

Step 6: Open your Trend Micro Mobile Security console & go to ‘Settings’

Step 7: Now click on ‘Set up account’ followed by signing in with your Trend Micro Account.

Step 8: If want to renew your license, then go to ‘settings’ followed by clicking ‘Transfer the license to this gadget’ & at last select the software you just activated.

Trend Micro Activation Support

In case you find yourself unable to activate the security by following the instructions provided above. No problem, we, the Trend Micro Activation & Renewal Support engineers are here to do it for you. We will help you not only to activate or renew the product but you can also ask for fixation of any technical issues in installation or any other process. So get the extensive help services at any duration of day or night, just by calling the toll-free Trend Micro Technical Support Number - 888-502-1607 | 1800-012-720. Not bother about the version of the product you are using, our experts have the ability to fix issues with all.       




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